Hello and welcome to the site. My name’s Dan Mobbs (over there on the right) and I started this website over five years ago to mirror my passion for football.

Educated by Panini sticker albums throughout the 1990s, I only recently realised that Belgique-Belgie is in fact two linguistic variations of saying Belgium.

I’m a cynic, sceptic and enthusiast of the only game worth putting everything aside for, having binged on football for over two decades and become metaphorically fat as a consequence.

Also a Villa fan, I’m the twisted wrench responsible for the stream of quizzes, I still have a love of football stickers and I once lost a tooth at Highfield Road watching Coventry City against Villa in 1991, so that’s me in a nutshell.

The website revels in both the fun and the finer details of football, whether it’s the top flight or the bottom run of the ladder and I always welcome contributions from those in the know if you’re that way inclined.

In the real world I write copy for a trade magazine and work as a freelance sports journalist for the Archant newspaper group, plus on occasion I’ve also contributed to InBedWithMaradona and Villa’s fanzine Heroes & Villains.